Why we use 4ply cotton face mask?

We should expect more face masks to be worn generally as more people slowly go back to work. And, regardless of how hard you want to minimise face-to-face interaction, often your work will put you in close quarters with co-workers or customers. Sadly, it is often hard to locate a protective, cotton mask that is comfortable as well as stylish. Which is why wearing a 4ply cotton face mask, easy to wash, and then to use, makes sense. 

Topmask’s 100% 4ply cotton face mask is designed in Australia with protection and style in mind. The mask is made of 4 protective panels of fabric and polymer that contain an internal pocket for inserting a 4 layered filter. The mask can be hand washed and reused.

The mask has adjustable ear loops and has sizes in women (M) and men (L). This mask ships within 1-3 working days, and are not returnable because of personal hygiene reasons. Choose this face mask to shield yourself and others on a regular basis. With a style that enables superior comfort, this facial mask is simple to use and is effective against the spread of coronavirus. 

This comfortable 4ply cotton face mask, is washable and because of how lightweight it is, it can be air-dried fast and is ready to be used again in no time. It is filtered and works well in an environment where air pollutants, contaminants, soil, smoke, pollen, ash and mould are highly concentrated. This mask can also defend you against dust and pollution and also against a wide variety of travel contaminants. The wearing of this mask does not affect breathing, speech or vision.

Single-use masks are typically manufactured from plastic fibre layers. These masks are an environmentally safe and sustainable alternative that helps to minimise plastic waste in general. You may also wash and reuse them since they are made from natural fabrics. They fit snugly with adjustable elastic cord flexible earloops.

These masks are crafted from 100% soft cotton which is used to make the skin feel cool and relaxed. Each mask has an inside sleeve fit for a filter. With these masks, you have double the coverage which means double the protection. The fit of this 4ply cotton face mask has been carefully designed and provides a relaxed fit and extra safety, with an elastic nose wire and a chin tuck. 

With a 4ply cotton face mask that suits every wearer, the mask is more fun and fun to wear, which is necessary for such a serious, terrifying period.


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