Victorian Mask Restrictions

Disclaimer: This article was written on the 7th of January 2021. Some information may be outdated at the time of reading.

As Melbournians, we all felt the alluring pull into normal life with the easing of Victorian Coronavirus restrictions over the Christmas and New Year period. Those with large families had to limit the amount of people over for Christmas lunch in homes to 30 (now 15 indoor visitors). Many opting for outdoor gatherings to be able to see many friends and family members at one time. We all know how lucky we were over the Christmas break compared to those who have not been so fortunate, countries heavily impacted by the virus whose case numbers have only skyrocketed over this period.

Face masks are still prevalent in our society as Victorians are living under the COVID Safe Summer restrictions and are still considered one of the most important ways people can help slow the spread of COVID19.

This COVID Safe Summer allows Victorians to know what restrictions they must abide by over this Summer period to keep everyone safe and happy. These restrictions state that Victorians must carry a well-fitted mask at all times. It’s true, you do not have to be wearing one at all times, however many indoor public spaces require one to enter and turn away anyone who does not have a mask on them.

Carrying a fitted face mask is key. Face masks must fit well for them to be effective, so no possible infectious droplets can escape. Always put your ask on when going into the supermarket, popping into retail stores, visiting hospitals or places of worship. You must also wear masks on public transport or in any kind of taxi or rideshare vehicle. It is also recommended that you put a mask outside if you wont be able to socially distance such as waiting in a queue or shopping in a busy market. 

The Victorian government has also made it clear that in situations where you must wear a mask, it must be a fitted face mask that covers the nose and mouth. Therefore, this means that face shields, bandanas or scarves on their own are not considered a sufficient face covering. Our Topmask cloth face coverings are ideal for someone looking for a reusable mask, with the added protection of multiple layers and a filter. Topmask products are breathable and light yet fit around the face well with the help of adjustable straps. These masks are perfect for workers who have long shifts or people who prefer to exercise with a mask.

If you’re unsure about how to wear your mask or how best to care for it, read our Do’s and Don’ts of wearings a face mask. It might seem silly to suggest how to wear a mask correctly, yet we somehow still see people wearing them over their chins or just covering their mouths. We want to make sure that you understand the right way to wear your face covering so that you are keeping yourself and others safe and healthy.

Research your state or county’s restrictions to make sure you reflect them in your behavior especially when, where and how to wear a face mask. Be sure to scan into indoor public places with your details where you can to help possible contact tracing in the future. It’s important to continue to social distance and wash your hands regularly to stop the spread of coronavirus.

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