How to style your Topmask?

You may be thinking, how hard is it to wear a face mask? And in all honesty, it’s not hard, which is the beauty of a face covering or mask - it doesn’t require that much effort to add another layer of protection. However, there is a way to look chic whilst wearing one, which we’ve seen through real people wearing masks in a fashionable way, making their face masks an accessory to an outfit rather than a requirement.

We’ve turned to look at street style and online influencers to see how they style the compulsory component. What we’ve come to see is many people choose to match their outfits to their face mask, with either colour or pattern. What is most popular is the simple black facemask, which can be styled with everything and especially chic with a full monochrome look.

One of our favourite looks we’ve seen online is this outfit from @aziz.lem. A fan of minimal style, Aziz wears his Black & Black Topmask with a black beanie, black scarf, white t-shirt, black pants and a black overcoat styled with a pair of chunky boots. This kind of look never goes out of style and each piece can be worn countless times without looking over-done. We like the idea of swapping out the white tee for a different shirt to add a pop of colour. The Topmask fits so well in this monochrome look as it seems to blend in with Aziz’s beanie and black scarf. We’ll definitely be copying this fit.

Another favourite look of ours that we’ve seen online is from @eleonoraarico. Elenora proves that a face mask won’t ruin your outfit. Elenora looks so effortlessly fashionable
wearing the classic Black & Black Topmask. She’s styled it with a New York Yankees baseball cap, beige trench coat, white tee-shirt, black trousers, black boots. Styled with a black bag and black jumper over her shoulders. We would love to see this look with our new product the Black & Grey mask and chain combo. So chic! 

Combing through Instagram you see so many fashion looks to admire, one of our favourite pages is @mrmavajo for his witty captions and effortless style. We love this look featuring the fan-favourite, Black & Black Topmask paired with a light blue Adidas baseball cap with a beige hoodie, black denim jacket, black pants and pair of colourful sneakers. The face mask here works perfectly and definitely adds to the outfit rather than takes away from the look.

We find it amazing how changes in society affect our fashion choices and how we wear our clothes. One thing we love seeing is when people share their Topmask purchases online, seeing how they’ve styled up an accessory that has now become a necessity in some places of the world. Please tag @topmask_au with your new Topmask items and get a chance to be reposted on our home page.

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