New Product Alert! Topmask neck chain.

Neck chains have been around for years, becoming a popular accessory to sunglasses and spec wearers. They’re a necessity for those forgetful people who can’t put something down without losing it. The fact that you know exactly where your glasses are (or in this case, a facemask) is a blessing in disguise.

With COVID restrictions constantly changing, it’s hard to know when and where masks are allowed. However, if you’re like us and like to have a facemask on you at all times just in case, a stylish neck chain may be your new best friend.

Topmask has recently launched their own line of neck chains to go with the original Topmask face masks. These additional mask chains are great when you’re constantly putting on and taking off your mask such as popping into retail stores or when you’re eating out. These neck chains are also perfect for keeping your face mask fresh which is better than the alternative ie. stuffing your face mask into your pocket or bag. A neck chain can keep your mask from being crumpled and therefore can keep it staying fresh for longer.

Neck chains are not only practical, they’re also a stylish accessory. The coloured chains add a touch of colour, bringing a fabulous extra element to your wardrobe. Once seen as a granny favourite, the neck chain is now a style trend seen on celebs, stylists and instagrammers. We love this fun way to add a little something-something to your look, whether to frame your face or just to add some colour.

We’re all bored of our quarantine clothes and looking for something new to revamp and excite. We love the retro look of Topmask’s chunky acrylic chains finished in matte colour options of black, grey, pink and blue. With a choice of a coloured chain, your look will instantly be elevated in the same way a chunky, bold, textured accessory would add a touch of glam. Each neck chain features a black sheepskin leather neck strap for comfort featuring an embossed Topmask logo. We love these subtle details which make this accessory feel luxurious and have a designer quality. Each Topmask product has been carefully designed in Melbourne by our small team, with each small detail considered to best suit the Topmask customer.

The best thing about these neck chains is that they are extremely light, this way your chains won't weigh you down when you go about your daily business. These chains are also really versatile. With easy to attach clips, this neck chain can be clipped on and off different masks. In each Topmask neck chain package you will find additional rubber connectors which means you can also use this neck chain with your favourite pair of sunglasses or reading glasses.

Neck Chains are now available to be purchased by itself or in a pack with an original Topmask. We would love to see how you look with your Topmask and Topmask Chain. Don’t forget to tag @topmask_au when uploading your pictures to socials.

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