Queensland lockdown

What we know about the Queensland lockdown

Queensland has officially entered a three-day lockdown since 5 pm Monday due to four new acquired local COVID-19 cases and six overseas acquired cases. This lockdown includes the areas of Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, Ipswich and Redlands. People are only allowed to leave the home for essential reasons such as; medical care, shopping for necessary items, providing care and exercise. Schools will also be closed.

Other reasons for people to leave the house that are worth mentioning is child custody arrangements, legal obligations, to attend a funeral or wedding in line with restrictions and of course, if you’re in an emergency situation or need to leave to escape harm. These restrictions will be reviewed on Wednesday night to dictate what will happen at the end of the week to see if restrictions will affect Easter plans.

Masks are now required for all of Queensland. You must carry a face mask on you at all times unless of course if you are at home. It is required that you must wear a mask in indoor planes such as:

  • shopping malls, supermarkets, indoor masks and retail outlets/malls.
  • hospitals and aged care facilities
  • restaurants and cafés (not while seated)
  • churches and places of worship
  • Libraries
  • public transport, taxis and rideshare, including waiting areas and queues for this transport

New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria have also enforced restrictions on travellers from Queensland at this stage as professionals look to investigate where these local cases have come from.

As we always say, it’s important to always wear a face mask that is well fitted and cups the nose and mask well, just like our Topmask reusable cotton face masks. Our masks are perfect for everyday wear as they’re comfortable and actually do what they say they do. Topmask masks are known for their protective layers and comfortable fit so if you’re still looking for a reusable mask to have for daily use, why not check out our collection?

Don’t forget that it is strongly recommended that you keep a 1.5 distance from other people where possible. Top tip: have a few masks on rotation so you always have a fresh mask when needed. If you’re not sure how to wash your reusable mask, read our care information page here

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