The COVID-19 Vaccine

In Australia, the COVID-19 vaccine will roll out in phases and for some people, it will be available this week. Quarantine and border workers, as well as health care professionals, will be the first to receive the vaccine, as these people are more exposed to the virus and therefore are at a higher risk of contracting. Nationally, the Australian government aims to have as many people vaccinated in 2021 as possible as dosages become more available throughout the year.

There’s a lot of controversy in Australia on if people want to take the COVID19 vaccine when it is available to the public. This past week, thousands of Australians took to the streets in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to protest the rollout of the vaccine, some going as far to state that they believe coronavirus is a scam. A recent survey was held by the Federal Health Department which found that many Australians will not get a coronavirus jab as soon as it is available. According to the survey of 4,000 people, 48 per cent said they would get the vaccine as soon as it was available, while 71 per cent said they would choose to have it by October as stated by ABC News.

It’s been assured that these vaccines have been tested to ensure they are safe before they are approved for use by the public. They need to pass extremely strict safety standards set by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration. The government is also responsible for distributing the vaccine to those who need it most.

Whether you have been vaccinated or not, there are some things you should continue to keep yourself and your community safe. This includes staying home if you’re feeling unwell as also getting tested for COVID-19. It’s important to wash your hands regularly with soap and water as well as use a hand sanitiser when necessary. Many will also choose to avoid handshakes and physical contact with people outside of your household or close friends. Mask wearing will also be important for those to feel safe, especially as the vaccine rolls out.

Mask wearing is an easy and effective way to stop the spread of any infectious droplets to others. That’s why we believe mask-wearing will continue to be a normal accessory into the future with or without the virus. Many East Asian countries have been wearing masks long before COVID-19, as it has become the norm to wear one when feeling unwell, even if you’re just experiencing a common cold. In Asia, it’s considered good hygiene to wear a mask as well as being considerate of others. Not only is wearing a mask an easy thing to do, but it also is cost effective and a constructive measure to do for the safety of others.

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