Victorians experience its third lockdown

Victorians experience its third lockdown.
Please note that this article was written on Friday 12th February 2020.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews announced earlier this afternoon that there will be a state-wide lockdown commencing at 11.59 pm tonight lasting 5 days. As we all scramble to accept the news of yet another lockdown with restrictions similar to lockdown number 2, it’s hard not to compare it with the horrible months-long lockdown of lockdown 2. 

We understand this ‘snap lockdown’ is a direct response of the Melbourne covid hotel quarantine outbreak and acts as a circuit breaker to contain the transmissions of coronavirus. Yet, as many small businesses know, these lockdowns hit us hard - especially when it’s unknown if this 5-day lockdown will be extended or not. What we can do is stay positive and stay home.

Here are the facts. From 11.59 pm tonight Victorians will essentially be under the same 2020 Stage 4 restrictions we experienced during the state’s second wave. This means:

  • There are only 4 reasons to leave your home. To shop for essential goods or services. To work or study if you can’t from home. To seek or give care. To exercise for two hours per day.
  • 5km radius will return.
  • Face masks are mandatory. 

As Melbournians, we’ve proved that we can get through these tough restrictions. We also know that lockdowns work, no matter how disappointing they are.

A proper facemask is a necessity now more important than ever. With the previous easing of restrictions comes the freedom to wear masks less often, which many have welcomed. Although less mask-wearing might be a more comfortable option, it is definitely a less safe one in terms of COVID19 transmission.

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. A well-fitted mask is of the utmost importance. Our Topmask face masks are designed with a 4 layer construction featuring two soft, sensitive skin-friendly cotton outer layers to cover your mouth and nose comfortably. The inner layers feature a non-woven cloth with a laminated polymer inner layer for protection. They also feature a small in-built metal band to mould across the nose to ensure the best fit possible. Topmask is a perfect sustainable mask for everyday use.

With the unpredictability of the Coronavirus pandemic, having a fresh mask on you at all times is important. We’ve also recently launched our own line of neck chains to be attached to your mask for a hands-free option if you work in an environment if you have to put on and take off your mask. These chains also allow you to keep your mask fresher for longer rather than being stuffed inside a wallet or bag. We believe these chains also add a stylish element to your look which is always a plus in our books.

Wash hands before and after removing the mask. Also, as you know yourself, if you’re experiencing any symptoms, please get tested.

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