The Don't and Do's of wearing a face mask.

We’ve been wearing masks for quite a few months now, yet some of us may not be doing it correctly. And, yes, there is a way to wear a mask incorrectly! The purpose of wearing a face covering is to slow the spread of COVID-19 and decrease your chances of either getting the virus or giving the virus to others. We want to make sure that you understand the right way to wear your face covering so that you are keeping yourself and others safe and healthy.

The DON’Ts of Wearing a Mask

  1. Do NOT wear your facemask under your nose or mouth.

The purpose of a face covering is to do just that—cover your face! Keep your mask covering your mouth and nose because those are exactly the areas that can more easily spread the virus to others.

We produce face coverings that fit easily around both your nose and your mouth. Our masks do not fall under your nose or move around while going about your daily activities. If you are looking to upgrade your face mask, view our selection at Topmask Australia.

  1. Do NOT touch or adjust your facemask without washing your hands before and after doing so.

It can be tempting, especially when you first begin wearing a mask on a regular basis, to want to fidget with them and readjust. For some, it may just be a reflex when talking to others. Unfortunately, you need to try your best not to do this. If you absolutely need to touch your mask or readjust it, be sure to wash your hands before and after doing so.

A key to not having to adjust your facemask is purchasing a comfortable, breathable covering. Our company, Topmask, produces sustainable, high-quality masks designed to allow optimal comfort and breathability! 

  1. Do NOT wear your facemask around your neck.

If you are finished wearing your facemask, do not just keep it around your neck or in your hand. This mask is now meant to be either washed or disposed of.

The DO’s of Wearing a Mask

  1. DO remove your facemask touching the straps only.

When you remove your face covering, be sure to use your fingers to just slip the straps away from your ears. Do not grab the face mask by the mouth area. The best way to make sure you are doing this is just to make a habit out of it. Practice following this strategy every day when you remove your facemask, and it will soon become normal!

Our facemasks can easily be removed because we utilize a minimalistic design with thin strapping.

  1. DO wash your mask after each use.

Especially if you wear your mask all day, you must wash it after its use. Keep in mind that the mask’s intention is to keep you and others healthy. If you are continuously wearing a dirty mask, that isn’t going to do anybody any good! 

Our masks are durable and can stand up to multiple washes without fraying.

  1. DO wear a mask whenever you are in public with other people.

Masks have been proven to slow the spread of the virus. If we want to get back to normal, we need to be following all guidelines and recommendations, which includes wearing a mask in public!

At the end of the day, the best way to wear your mask is the right way. Follow our simple tips to ensure you are keeping yourself and others safe and healthy. Our company, Topmask, has designed a breathable, sustainable face covering that is stylish and secure. In fact, we specifically wanted to focus on protection. Each Topmask is constructed from 4-ply and includes an additional removable protective filter to ensure the utmost security. If you’re looking to upgrade your mask game, view our masks at Topmask Australia.

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