Introducing Topmask. The gorgeously soft, breathable mask made for everyday use.

Our polymer face masks are designed in Australia and carefully crafted with comfort in mind as they cup the mouth and nose with the perfect amount of coverage and breathability. As a Melbourne based brand, wearing a mask every day can be uncomfortable so we've come up with the perfect one so you can feel safe as well as stylish. We currently stock our ink-black 100% cotton face masks with fashionable exposed coloured seam and coloured adjustable elasticated straps. Designed as an everyday face mask that won't ruin your outfit. 

Topmask is carefully designed with a 4-ply construction featuring a soft, sensitive skin-friendly cotton outer layers and non-woven cloth with laminated polymer inner layer. Minimalist design but maximised protection for a reusable mask. Topmask is a perfect sustainable mask for everyday use.

We believe face masks are here to stay in terms of feeling safe among the unpredictability of the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond. A cloth face-mask in public is an additional, voluntary public health measure in combination with social distancing. Wash hands before and after removing the mask.

Topmask ABN: 86 938 627 326