Topmask Care

How to care for your Topmask

Here are a few simple steps to best care for your Topmask and keep it looking and feeling fresh for longer. We would suggest replacing your filter after 1 week or if it is visibly soiled. We also suggest to wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you put on and take off your Topmask.

Step 1
After use, carefully remove your Topmask by grasping the ear loops. Take the filter out of the mask and throw it away. 

Step 2
Fill up a bucket with water and a natural detergent.

Step 3
Rub your Topmask gently in the soapy water and hand wash. Do not wash it in the washing machine. Do not soak in detergent or water for a long time. Avoid using bleach.

Step 4
Once clean, dry it in the shade.

Step 5
Once dry, place a new filter inside your Topmask and it's ready to re-use. If not in use, store your clean Topmask in a clean, dry place.

How often should I wash my Topmask you ask?
The rule of thumb is to wash your face masks or face cloths regularly. If you’ve been wearing your Topmask all day or if your mask is visibly soiled from coughing or sneezing, we suggest to wash it as soon as you get home.