The Topmask packaging design drew inspiration directly from the René Magritte painting, The Lovers (Belgian, 1898–1967) 1928. Oil on canvas. 

The content of The Lovers felt relevant as the image depicts a barrier of fabric prevents the intimate embrace between two lovers, changing an act of passion into one of isolation. We found that this image was incredibly timely to the current climate as a constant barrier of fabric covering our mouth has become our everyday life as we learn to communicate with masks as well as distancing ourselves from others.

There are four packaging designs that feature shapes that were inspired by the outline of the figure’s mouths, chins and jawlines in the painting. These shapes also represent a face mask. Abstract reinterpretation of these mask shapes could seem like people. They can be in the crowd, close to each other and do normal activities, but only by wearing a facemask people are able to back to normal. 

The colouring became the base of our colour scheme, packaging design and branding imagery. The Pantone colour palette also owes itself to the Magritte artwork with tones of scarlet, deep blue, grey, deep beige and black.

To steer away from any unnecessary plastic packaging, each Topmask is individually packaged in a kraft paper zip lock bag which is more eco-friendly and can be reused. Each package is leak-proof and moisture-proof, protecting the facemask from anything that may affect the quality of the mask. Using this kind of lightweight packaging allows us to ship worldwide easily and more affordably.