Product Infomation

What compares Topmask to other cotton face mask brands is their protective layers and comfortable fit. The first layer is made up of soft, breathable cotton with a built-in metal nose strip to mould the face. The second layer is made up of non-woven polypropylene with laminated polymer. The third layer is also non-woven polypropylene which isolates large particles. Lastly, the final layer of soft and skin-friendly cotton cloth.

To top it off, each Topmask also has an accessible sleeve, fit for a disposable filter. The types of filters that are included in each Topmask package has 4 protective layers and are made up of; hydrophobic non-woven fabric, meltblown polypropylene fabric, absorbent non-woven fabric and lastly, a second layer of hydrophobic non-woven fabric. If protection is what you're after, choose Topmask.