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Mask Nose Sponge

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Those comfort nose sponges are the perfect addition to your Topmask. Mask foam pads relieve pressure from the sensitive nose bridge. Anti fog nose foam pads are sponge strips that have a self adhesive strip to apply on the inside of many types of face masks. Mask foam strips make for a no fog face mask by diverting your air through the mask and not under the nose clip. Soft, light weight memory foam contours to the bridge of the nose leaving no gaps between you and your face mask. Air is blocked from going towards your glasses and is forced to go through the mask.

Mask Nose Sponge Features

  • Anti-Fog bridge for face masks
  • Self-adhesive
  • Anti-Fog for glasses wearers  
  • Soft and light weight 
  • Relieve pressure


Sponge, foam and adhesive



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