How to wear your Topmask correctly?

Many believe the way you wear a mask isn’t important. Wrong. It's easy to get lazy and only wear it on your chin, however wearing a face mask correctly is known to aid the prevention of coronavirus.

When designing our Topmask it was important to make sure the prototype was perfect. We came up with particular points that we wanted to tick off in order to make an effective face mask that was going to be protective as well as stylish. 1: Topmask must be able to cover both your nose and mouth with a snug fit but comfortably against the sides of the face. 2: The facemask but be secured with adjustable ear loops. 3: Each mask must have multiple layers of fabric with an accessible sleeve to fit a filter. 4: Be able to handwash without damaging the product or change the shape of the mask.

Many people understand wearing a mask is important however fail to wear it correctly. How many people have you seen wearing a mask that just covers their chin? Or covering their mouths but not their nose? We have a simple guide to properly wear a mask.

If you are wearing your mask incorrectly it is the same than not wearing one at all. Once you’ve figured out the correct position for wearing your mask, we suggest following these simple tips to stay safe against COVID.

It's important to wash your hands with soap before and after you wear your Topmask and to put on and take off your mask using the coloured earloops. It's best practice to not touch the front of the mask when you take it off. We'd suggest to wash and dry your cloth mask regularly and keep it in a clean, dry place until it is being used.

Don't forget to social distance and wash your hands regularly to aid the prevention of the spread of coronavirus.

Stay safe and share our How to Wear your Topmask guide to friends and loved ones to make sure they know how to properly wear a reusable cotton mask.

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