Introducing Topmask, the gorgeously soft, breathable mask made for everyday use. Our polymer face masks are designed in Australia and carefully crafted with comfort in mind as they cup the mouth and nose with the perfect amount of coverage and breathability. 

Be well, be safe.

We're in this together, wear a mask for your loved ones.

Breathe easily

Topmask designs made with comfort in mind as they cup the mouth and nose with the perfect amount of coverage and breathability.

Protection is key

Topmask products are designed with protection in mind. Each mask features several layers of cotton, non-woven fabric and polymer to ensure the comfortability and safety of our customers.

Wear a mask and look good doing it.

As a Melbourne based brand, we know how wearing a mask can be uncomfortable, sweaty and damn-right ugly so we've come up with the perfect one so you can feel safe as well as stylish.

Mask Construction

Filter Layers

Minimalist Design

Topmask is carefully designed with a 4-ply construction featuring a soft, sensitive skin-friendly cotton outer layers and non-woven cloth with laminated polymer inner layer. Minimalist design but maximised protection for a reusable mask. Topmask is a perfect sustainable mask for everyday use.

"As London goes into its second Lockdown I was looking for a mask that was environmentally friendly yet also protective. A friend from Melbourne put me onto Topmask and I love the look and feel of it on the face. Really great fit."

Elle A. London, UK

"I stumbled onto Topmask online when looking for an Australian-designed cloth face mask. I bought 2 masks for me and my husband and we love the different coloured ear loops - a great way to tell whose mask is whose."

Emma W. Sydney, Australia

"As a Melbournian I sure know the agony of wearing a mask everyday over the past few months. I have only just discovered Topmask and I love how light and comfortable it feels compared to other thick cotton masks. Definitely the one to choose for comfort!"

Chris C. Melbourne, Australia

"I purchased the Topmask with the pink seams and straps. I work in real estate so I need a mask that is professional and looks good with my work attire. I love the hint of pink which adds a little bit of personality without ruining my look."

Amelia M. New York, USA

"I own a lot of facemasks and I can safely say that my Topmask is the one that I keep reaching for since it came in the mail. It air drys really quick and I love how it fits on my face, something that not all facemasks have in common."

Fumiko W. Tokyo, Japan