Why re-usable masks are better for the environment?

Face masks have now been issued a requirement in many public spaces around the globe. Even though millions of people have been told to use face masks, there has been little guidance on how and when to dispose of them safely. There are so many face masks on the market, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Masks include disposable surgical masks, N95 breathers, reusable cloth masks and even some people have even been getting crafty using recycled materials to make a homemade mask. However, what mask should you choose if you’re after the sustainable choice as well as looking to protect those around you?

We’ve broken it down below why reusable masks are the best choice for the environment.

Disposable surgical masks are an effective choice for protecting those around you however, these types of masks are usually crafted from synthetic fibres. The majority of surgical masks are made up of long-lasting plastic materials, which means they take a really long time to break down and can stick around in the environment for hundreds of years. Disposable face masks are increasingly becoming an environmental issue as it has been estimated that around 75% of used disposable face masks will end up in landfills or in the ocean, according to the World Economic Forum.

N95 breathers are known to provide the greatest protection against coronavirus in the mask department - for the wearer and therefore the people around you. However, these masks should only be employed by first-time and healthcare workers in certain situations, such as those working in close contact with COVID-19 patients.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) advises that 'face coverings don’t need to be surgical quality to be effective'. A reusable cloth face mask is the most environmentally-friendly option. If protection is what you’re after whilst still wanting to do best for the environment, Topmask is the best choice on the market. They are great for everyday wearers, as they are a sustainable and safe choice as a means to fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Topmask facemasks are reusable and washable and a great choice for customers who are sustainable conscious and care about issues such as ocean protection.

Topmask serves to provide the utmost protection to men and women. With 8 layers of protection, and with the use of high quality, soft, lightweight cotton, these Australian designed cloth face masks are perfect for exercise and daily outdoor tasks and provide more coverage than your homemade mask.

Each Topmask features an outer layer of 100% black cotton with two inner layers of non-woven fabric and polymer. Finally, an inside layer of 100% soft white cotton, with an accessible sleeve, fit for a reusable filter. Each Topmask package comes with 2 four-layered filters, for optimal protection.

Don’t forget to wash your hand before and after you use your mask and make sure to social distance.

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